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Fur Rental

  1. I agree to pay Makarora Fur Co. (MFC) the full amount specified below.

  2. I agree to pay MFC the full replacement value of the item if the fur is lost, damaged, soiled

    beyond cleaning or returned in a manner that is not acceptable by MFC.

  3. A four week cancellation is required for refund of rental fee.

  4. Each fur is rented on a first come first serve basis. The rental will be secured once the rental fee is paid.

  5. The fur is to be picked up during business hours (9am -5pm) (unless by prior arrangement).

  6. The rental period is for three days. The fur is to be returned by the agreed date specified below.

  7. If the fur is not returned on the date specified, MFC reserves the right to charge the client the full replacement value of the fur as well as the rental fee lost by any other client who will loose their booking as a result.

  8. If the fur requires cleaning (this includes tainting from perfume) or repair the client is responsible for all costs incurred.

  9. If the client requires the fur to be delivered, this may incur additional charges

  10. Where the fur is to be couriered to the client, the fur must be signed for upon receipt and all costs covered by the hiree. Return shipping must be via overnight delivery with the fur being insured for its full replacement value. If the return shipment procedure is not followed or the fur does not arrive on the specified date, MFC reserves the right to charge the clients’ card for the item/s replacement.

  11. Couriered items to be delivered to: Makarora Fur Co.

22A Kiwi Street, Makarora, Otago, NZ 9382|



Hirer’s Name:


Wedding/Event Date:


Pick up Date: Return Date:

The name of the fur item/s for rental:


The agreed upon rental fee: Replacement value:


Credit Card details: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp: / CVC: _ _ _

The Makarora Fur Co will


  1. Provide a prompt and efficient service.

  2. Examine furs prior to hire in front of customer to mutually agree on the condition of the garment.

  3. If it is not possible to meet in person any existing damage will be noted and again on return to check they are in same condition.

  4. If there has been damage to the garment you have booked prior to your event, we will inform you as soon as possible and do our best to provide a similar alternative.


In event of issue arising

  1. Credit card details will be held on file until fur is returned or a cash bond equal to the replacement value will be required.

  2. If there is irreparable damage or the fur is not returned then MFC have the right to charge customer full replacement value (including delivery fees) plus any lost rental fees for forthcoming events where the item has been booked out.

  3. We will charge for any cleaning that results from tainting with perfume or significant staining.

  4. Any damage to a fur will be charged to customer for repair; this will be after a quote is obtained from the furrier.


Getting the best from the Fur:

  1. Before wear give the fur a gentle shake to enliven the fibres after the transport.

  2. Stroke gently in the direction of the fall, any areas that are still not sitting correctly.

  3. Please do not spray perfume directly onto the fur or lining - this can stain because of the alcohol and the fragrance cannot be removed the fur.

  4. Before and after the big event the fur will be happiest in a cooler, dark place like a wardrobe -as direct sunlight damages furs extremely quickly, especially these old ones.





1. Makarora Fur Co Ltd: ____________________________ Date: / /


2. Hirer: _____________________________ Date / /

Downloadable Agreement

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